Only A Few Hours Left!

As I reflect on the successes, failures, celebrations, and laments from the past year I keep coming back to three things I believe to be true:

  • There will always be people in power who do not see or choose not to see the needs of the most vulnerable in our world, who choose the path of oppression knowingly or unknowingly, and who perpetuate injustice in our world. 
  • God’s people will always be those who stand against injustice; who pray with their feet, hands, and hearts “on earth as it is in heaven”…
  • Our hope is not in our leaders, our ability to impact the world or in anything other than Jesus. We rest in his power, his peace, and his love to transform this world. 

At Micah Challenge we are a voice calling the Church to stand for justice, reminding the world who Jesus is, and calling on our leaders to fight oppression. Will you help us continue our work by giving today?

There’s only a few hours left to give in 2016–whether its $10, $50, or $1,000 we are thankful for your generous support!

Will you give today to help us continue being a voice protecting the most vulnerable in our world? 

Thank you for your support of Micah Challenge–whether through prayer, giving, or your time and energy we are thankful for each of you.  

God bless,

Jason Fileta

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