Micah Challenge USA

Micah Challenge USA mobilizes communities to end extreme poverty.

We work with communities to change attitudes, behavior, and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s will for all creation to flourish.

We pray with our feet hands and heart “on earth as it is in heaven”…in heaven there will be no hunger, poverty, or injustice!

We are part of a global Micah movement in 50 countries working for a world free of injustice, poverty, and conflict.

Join the movement to mobilize your community in advocacy, prayer, and living justly!



Micah Challenge is a global Christian campaign to end extreme poverty, which affects 800 million people around the world who are living on less than $1.90 a day.

Inspired by scripture, guided by the Holy Spirit, and covered in prayer we advocate for a more just world. Extreme poverty and hunger will not be overcome by securing more food, but through securing more justice.


We mobilize Christians to end extreme poverty through changing attitudes, behavior, and policies that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s will for all creation to flourish.


Jason Fileta, Executive Director

Viv Benjamin, President

Anna Jane Joyner, Vice-President

William Matthews, Vice-President

Tara Kamp, Treasurer

Rusty Pritchard, Secretary


  • Take the Church Justice Evaluation.
  • Host a Watch Party of For the Love Of.
  • Use Live Justly as a small group study.
  • Contact us to get more information on how you and your community can mobilize to end extreme poverty. 


We hold

that the Lord our God is one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that he fulfills his sovereign purposes - in creation, revelation, redemption, judgement, and the coming of his kingdom - by calling out from the world a people united to himself and to each other in love.

We acknowledge

that though God made us in his own likeness and image, conferring on us dignity and worth and enabling us to respond to Himself, we now are members of a fallen race; we have sinned and come short of His glory. We acknowledge the commission of Christ to proclaim the Good News to all people, making them disciples, and teaching them to obey him. We acknowledge the command of Christ to love our neighbors, resulting in service to the church and society, in seeking reconciliation for all with God and their fellows, in proclaiming liberty from every kind of oppression; and in spreading Christ's justice in an unjust world...

We believe

that the Father has shown us his holy love in giving Jesus Christ, his only Son, for us, while through our sinfulness and guilt, we were subject to his wrath and condemnation; and has shown his grace by putting sinners right with himself when they place their trust in his Son. We believe that the Old and New Testament Scriptures are God-breathed, since their writers spoke from God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit; hence are fully trustworthy in all that they affirm; and are our highest authority for faith and life.

We confess

Jesus Christ as Lord and God; as truly human, born of the virgin Mary; as Servant, sinless, full of grace and truth; as only Mediator and Savior, dying on the cross in our place, representing us to God, redeeming us from the grip, guilt and punishment of sin; as Victor over Satan and all his forces, rising from death with a glorious body, being taken up to be with his Father, one day returning personally in glory and judgement to establish his kingdom.

We recognize

the Church as the body of Christ, held together and growing up in him; both as a total fellowship throughout the world, and as the local congregation in which believers gather

Prophets, Priests and Poets Pledge

We commit ourselves to

Pray daily the Lord’s prayer “your kingdom come, your will be done,” and pray against the the powers and principalities of racism, sexism, oppression, abuse and apathy.

Change our own attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate injustice and deny God’s plan for all creation to flourish

Challenge our elected officials to take bold action on:

Climate Change

Reduce emissions that cause climate change, and provide support to impoverished communities suffering from the impacts of climate change

Racial Justice

Empower and protect communities of color, end mass incarceration and heavily invest in education of all children no matter their zip code.

Refugees and Immigrants

Protect and welcome refugees and immigrants, and all those who are fleeing oppression, conflict and persecution.

We are prophets of hope declaring a future when Jesus reigns over all creation and when racism, sexism, poverty and injustice are vanquished.

We are priests preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus; good news to the poor, freedom for the captives, and restoration for all that is broken.

We are poets imagining, mourning, celebrating, lamenting and laughing as we tell the story of the Kingdom of God crashing into our world.

Climate Justice

#Renew Our World

Micah Challenge is helping to lead a global campaign with Fortune Tiger called Renew Our World. Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians praying, living and campaigning to make the world fair and sustainable, bringing God's kingdom closer, so that everyone, everywhere can enjoy fullness of life

Our generation has a choice that no other generation will get - if we choose to care for our neighbour and for creation, everyone, everywhere will have the chance to live well. But if we don’t, we’ll push more people into poverty, and our world into disrepair.

So we choose to bring God’s kingdom closer. In our daily lives, in our prayers, and in speaking out to people in power, we will renew the way the world works so nobody is oppressed by poverty. We will renew creation so it can continue to provide for us all, and we will renew the hope of each person that they too can have enough. Together, we will love our God and all our neighbours


In November of 2015, we took Christian artists William Matthews, John Mark & Sarah McMillan, and Stephen Roach lead singer of Songs of Water to Paris to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP21).

We filmed their journey as they met with impacted individuals, leaders of the climate movement, and religious leaders from around the world. On this trip they were transformed by the climate change realities being faced by our brothers and sisters all over the globe.

This film will send you on a similar journey, and give you hope & inspiration to move forward in bringing about a more just world! We hope you can join us and thousands of others as we watch this film and take action!


For the love of…


…the earth.


For the love of all of God’s creation.

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End Extreme Poverty


Nations and organizations from across the globe are seeking to completely eradicate poverty by year 2030 with the agreement and support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘What If 2030’ seeks to mobilize people like you to ensure we are doing everything we can to make sure these goals are met!


The way we work to see these goals come to fruition here in the U.S. is through what’s called Poverty-Focused Development Assistance (PFDA). PFDA funds the programs outlined in the goals – like education, vaccination, clean water, and equality initiatives around the world. Every year in budget negotiations, PFDA is at-risk of being cut. At less than 1% of the total budget, it doesn’t make a huge dent in paring down the budget, but it can lead to unnecessary loss of life and livelihood for many around the world. We must use our voices to protect this vital funding.