We are Heading to Germany for the UN Climate Talks!

We are heading to Germany during the COP23 Climate Summit to pray and speak out alongside our most vulnerable neighbors. The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference is coming up in November. The COP23 climate talks will be taking place in Bonn, Germany.

Thousands of government delegates and leaders from countries all over the world will gather to discuss and make decisions regarding practical efforts to combat climate change and provide assistance to developing countries most affected by it. We will be there to pray, to give testimony, and to deliver your signatures to delegates from all over the world! 

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So far over 20,000 people have signed the petition around the world including some of our favorite Christian voices from the US!

Add your voice today, and we’ll hand deliver them in Germany!

To world leaders:

As Christians across the globe we are calling for action on climate change. The changing climate is causing great damage to people and planet right now, and we are particularly concerned about hunger and poverty hitting the most vulnerable communities, who did least to cause it.

We urge each nation’s leaders to keep the promises they made in the Paris Agreement, to restore the natural balance.

Please use the COP23 global climate talks in Bonn, Germany this November, for each country to make significant progress to:

  • Set targets for the world to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to limit global warming to the safe level of 1.5 degrees.
  • Invest in 100% clean energy, particularly using local grids so it reaches those in poverty beyond the reach of national electricity grids.
  • Support more sustainable, low emission agriculture, to stop communities going hungry, and help them cope better with more floods and droughts caused by climate change.
  • Publish national country plans in 2020 showing how each nation will move to zero emissions.

Please follow up at the COP24 climate talks in November 2018, in Poland.

This is our generation’s challenge, a significant part of how we love our neighbours.

We’re committing to respond as Christians by living more sustainably, praying, and raising our voices; we’re asking every member of the church – the world’s largest network – to join in, alongside many others, and every national leader to lead the way.

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